About Me

I’m a dreamer. My mom says so. My dad says so. My teachers said so. I could spend entire days watching the clouds while films of life and all that is beyond flickered across my mind. The best movies are the result of long drives, epic songs and nature all around – I must be made for roadtrips through Australias Outback. “A hundred Dollars for your thoughts” is one of the sentences I hear the most (right after “is this your natural haircolour?!”). And somehow I ended up being in my dreams. Somehow I took a step. A step towards the sun, towards the waves, towards stoney mountains, towards unfamiliar cultures and this world out there, so much wider and different then we could ever imagine in our little cloud called home. Somehow I’m living that life I was always reading about, dreaming about, writing about. Right now, my feet are playing in the warm sand, next to my own surfboard and underneath the hot australian sun. I’m a very normal girl. I always was. Like your neighbours daughter. I went to school, I went to University, finished my Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy.  I started working, I stopped working. I booked a ticket to Australia. I entered the world of my daydreams & never came back. A life full of freedom, a space for my thoughts, for my dreams. I never stopped them. I just started realizing them. And if you like, you can join me on my way.

Lisa, 25, German

“I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place, when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then I ask myself the same question.” Harun Yahya