My beloved readers, I enjoy the writing, love showing you my world and to endors myself on travels, adventures, mountains,… to tell you about. But this also costs not just some money (sadly we do need it everywhere..), but also heaps of time, heaps of coffee, heaps of concentration.

Would you add some fuel to this project?

$2 for a cheap coffee, $4 for a good coffee, $8 for a beer after a long writing day, $10 for a phone card to talk to my loved ones far away, $15 for a dictionary to improve my english (..can you understand everything?), $20 for a surfboard, to get a clear head in the water for even better stories, $50 for my savings account for the next flight, the next train, the next rocket towards another fascinating destination.

Every help is highly appreciated.

Love. L.

Thanks for your Support <3

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