How it all began and how it’s going on

Let’s travel back in time, before a free bird started flying within the warm light of the sun and a fresh breeze of freedom. Let’s fly back into the summer 2015.

It was a good summer. Student life in its last stage. Lots of time to write a bachelorthesis in the shady garden of my student home close to Frankfurt, Germany. Walking barefeet to friends next door, enjoying a glass of good wine in balmy summer nights, philosophizing about life. Surrounded by a strong social environment, deep friendships, a loving boyfriend and an warm-hearted supportive family. Working in two little jobs I enjoyed a lot – as a Physio as well as in my uni’s marketing area ( I joined a yoga class, went for hiking trips – luckily we are living right next to the alps – as well as weekendtrips in a van to our next door countries. A fantastic life, a lucky girl in a very comfortable comfort zone. But there were dreams. Dreams about the world out there. Not just about the world through a visitors eyes – as we always traveled to places as tourists, but as being a part of it. Living, working, being home elsewhere! I know how lucky I am in my life, and it doesn’t matter how far I travel – I won’t forget my roots. My roots as in loving people, who are always joining me in my heart. My roots as in education and behaviour. My roots as in roots as what they are – a homebase which keeps you grounded, wherever the bird in it’s cozy nest of it’s big tree of life might fly to. But also I’m open minded for everything new, for everything unknown this world, this life wants to show and to teach. As much as I love my comfort zone, as much I was craving for this world outside, to experience, to understand. Once I realized that you just need to do one step towards a direction you yourself choose, uncountable new opprtunities appear. You often don’t know where you end up being, but if you don’t risk this step, you won’t get anywhere. I know, there are all those sayings about life and you should just start and the time is now..well, they are right. Just think about it. Every now and then. You don’t need to travel, also for me there are other dreams, too, like this, like writing. Just take a step towards whatever it is, when you find yourself staring out of the window lost in daydreams. Who knows, who, what or where it might take you to. At least it’s just this life we have..right?

I invite you to support my steps by following all the flights which result of them.

Love X

Forever feels like such a waste, so many places to be, people to meet…“ Sticky Fingers, Australia Street


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