Impressively outsized next to my passion for beaches and the endless deepblue sea, there is something else which gives this life its quality, its pure stunning beauty coupled with a rough adventurous rocky taste of freedom. Mountains.

Days and weeks, just you, your two feet, your backpack, hikingboots, water and heaps of nuts in wilderness high above the clouds. Hiking from dust til dawn. Crossing alps, taking baths between rocks and snow in ice-cold glass clear lakes, sleeping  with the freshest air right under the stars, waking up with breathtaking views. This is a feeling I can’t describe with words.

Have a look at some shots from our tours. Every picture is Family owned, either taken by my sister, my dad or me. My Family, my best hiking mates x I love you.

Catinaccio, Dolomites, Italy – highest peak 3.004m a.s.l.

Val d’Ultimo, Italy – L’Orecchia di Lepre 3.257m a.s.l.