My article on Centralstation Australia!

The official webside Centralstation , a blog from all the Australian Outback Stations published my article about a backpacker working as a Jillaroo! 🙂 Check out their page to dive into the hot red outback between Scrubbulls, dust and endless lonely landscapes.

“Stories from Australian Cattle Stations – Central Station is a blog where the men and women of the Australian outback come together to share an insight into their lives- the good, the bad, and the dusty! ” – Central Station

The links to my article are right here:

The red outback – part 1

The red outback – part 2

Check out the other stories aswell! <3

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Working in Australia’s red outback – my life as a Jillaroo

Cattle Station Dampier Downs

Red dust. Shimmering heat. Endless dry landscape. Silence. A chirping noise every now and then. Underneath the leather cowboy hat my hair is sticking sweaty to my head. Arms and legs are covered in dirt and scratches. I put my gloves back on, grab another roll of barb wire and keep on walking. Continue reading

Australia’s Southcoast

sanddunes southcoast australia

„Is it worth it to see Australia’s Southern coast?“

„Nah mate, nothing’s there“…the standard reply.

Well, let me put this „nothing“ together in a few words:

White beaches so beautiful that they blind your eyes, green forests changing to dry deserts, endless sanddunes in the red light of the setting sun, dolphins in crystal clear blue sea, epic cliffs with waves crashing against them, hordes of kangaroos, endless stars and… zero people.

Wild and lonely nature for hours, days, weeks. Are you with me?

I’ll take you on an adventure made of dreams coming true. Continue reading