Useful Links

As a traveler you are searching continuously for accommodation, jobs or just ideas for where to go next. Following I created a list with a few links I am using regularly. You are very welcome to add further recommendations in the comments – maybe I learn something new and useful for my next adventure, too! inspiring Blogs from travelers all over the world compares all the flights from A to B to find the cheapest solution gives you the opportunity to stay with locals – for free! As exchange you just offer your couch at home. gives you a list with most of the hostels for the place you are going to visit next choose a privat accommodation from rooms to houses, from cheap to expensive (very useful for Indonesia for example, where you can get luxury houses for very little money) in Australia it’s used for literally everything – jobs, sales, travelmates, cars,.. self-explanatory if you like to start a blog for your peeps at home – I also started with a private one for family & friends all the official information about visa & co in Australia a german page (you can change the language) with information about all the countries in the world (political situation, visa,..)

Safe travels!