Useful Links

As a traveler you are searching continuously for accommodation, jobs or just ideas for where to go next. Following I created a list with a few links I am using regularly. You are very welcome to add further recommendations in the comments – maybe I learn something new and useful for my next adventure, too! inspiring Blogs from travelers all over the world compares all the flights from A to B to find the cheapest solution gives you the opportunity to stay with locals – for free! As exchange you just offer your couch at home. gives you a list with most of the hostels for the place you are going to visit next in Australia it’s used for literally everything – jobs, sales, travelmates, cars,.. self-explanatory if you like to start a blog for your peeps at home – I also started with a private one for family & friends all the official information about visa & co in Australia a german page (you can change the language) with information about all the countries in the world (political situation, visa,..)

Safe travels!